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Pubic Hair Removal

Lots of people remove their pubic hair, for lots of different reasons. Sometimes it's sexual, sometimes it's practical. There are benefits such as less odor and a better look under a bathing suit. Some simply like the way it looks. For others, it's just a fun way to be different.
Some people remove all the hair, others leave a small neatly groomed 'landing strip' or triangle, removing hair mostly from the lower parts.
Pubic hair removal can be accomplished through shaving and waxing, and even lasers and electrolysis for permanent pubic hair removal.

If your pubic hair is long, over 1/3 inch, start by trimming it either with an electric razor or a pair of scissors. Trim it as close as is safely possible.
Then move on to a warm shower or bath with plenty of hot water. The warm water will prepare your hair for shaving, softening it and causing it to swell up out of the skin. Also making sure your skin is clean will cut down your chances of irritation and infection.
Next, using a fresh clean razor, begin shaving with the direction of hair growth in light gentle strokes. Especially if it is your first time, don't worry about shaving super close. As you continue to shave, your skin will become accustomed to it and you will be able to shave closer without irritation. But for now, take it easy and remember to use minimal pressure as you go.

There is a substantial risk for razor burn when you shave your genitals, as the hair is very course and the skin is delicate. For this reason many people leave a triangle or strip of hair on the mons, which is the most sensitive part and most susceptible to irritation and razor burn, removing hair only from the labia majora and bikini area (if you don't know what labia majora are, shame on you.) This is a practical solution, giving you the best of both worlds.

Pubic waxing, aka "brazilian waxing," is not recommended to be done at home. Waxing, if done incorrectly, can lead to deep tissue bruising, tearing of muscle tissue, skin fissures, destruction of connective tissue, and infection.
To find a place to get a brazilian wax, call around to your local upscale salons.
Ask them if they do brazilian waxes, and if they do, ask to speak with the aesthetician who performs them.
Ask her (they are usually female) whatever questions you may have- including the type of wax they use (if you are familiar with them, and have preference), her procedure (you may prefer a salon where they powder the skin beforehand), about the sanitation methods, etc. Sometimes they style your hair into a small "landing strip" by default, sometimes not. Ask her how long she has been doing brazilians, and where she was trained. That should help you in making an educated decision.
If, once you get there, you do not feel comfortable, or if even after starting you find that something is not right, leave. Make an excuse and bounce.
Expect to pay at least US$45 for a good brazilian wax, with $60 being more the norm for a good wax job.

There are also electric "intimate" or "pussy shavers" available for just the purpose of removing pubic hair. These are expensive, but very useful. They usually have small wire screens over the blades so you can not cut yourself, even if you were to try.
To use a personal shaver, first trim your pubic hair short with scissors or an electric trimmer.
Then, begin shaving in circular strokes. You may want to apply a little baby powder, as the area must be dry for the shaver to operate properly.
Because of the design of the shaver you don't have to worry about cutting yourself, even if you want to go further south and do your behind. Even though they are commonly referred to as pussy shavers, they also work for men on the male pubic area and testicles.

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