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Why Shave?

Why do people shave? The answer is a complex one.
Some people like the smoothness of hairless skin. Others find in areas like the armpit it helps you smell fresh and stay clean.
Also you can't deny that, especially for women, there is a large social imperative to shave. For many women it is simply not an option to leave hair under your arms or on your legs.

Some men shave their chests or legs because they find it more comfortable to be hairless. Also a hairless body shows muscle definition easier, making you appear fit. Some men shave or wax their backs because as for women, there is some cultural imperative to be hairless in that area. Some women also prefer a man with little or no body hair.
For men, shaving the face can be more comfortable, especially in warmer months. A beard can get itchy and sweaty in the summer. Waxing the face is not recommended for men.

But contrary to some people's experience, shaving does not have to be a tedious or painful process. With a quality razor, moisturizing shaving gel or cream, and plenty of hot water, shaving can actually be a relaxing and luxurious part of your day.
When done slowly and carefully, shaving actually exfoliates your skin- leaving it smoother and softer than before. And with a good shaving gel or cream and moisturizing lotion, your skin can only benefit.


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