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Winter Growth

During the chilly winter months when everyone is bundled up for the cold, many women prefer to go au natural in regard to body hair removal. The bit of extra hair on your legs may help you to stay warm, saving on heating bills!
But seriously. Just because you may not be shaving, doesn't mean winter doesn't come with its share of body hair issues. Heavy clothing may block follicles, leading to ingrown hairs and skin problems. Make sure you wear clean clothes to avoid infections, and take a minute to exfoliate with a loofa or a gentle exfoliating body wash in the shower. It will leave your skin clear and healthy. If you exfoliate regularly, you will also be less prone to skin irritation once your body acclimates to the razor once more at the beginning of spring!

Also keep in mind, electric razors make excellent stocking stuffers for guys. An electric razor is a great way to quickly remove facial hair for men who don't have super heavy beard growth.