Hair Removal Guide

Welcome to the wild word of Hair Removal.
This site was designed as a tool for anyone looking to learn more about the different types of hair removal, and how to perform them.


Transgender Hair Removal

Transgender and transsexual women, MAAB genderqueer people, as well as male crossdressers and transvestites can all be faced with unique hair removal issues. Hormone replacement therapy generally softens and prohibits hair on the chest, arms, etc. but facial hair is unfortunately unaffected by HRT.
Beard hair can pose a problem when even shaving leaves stubble and shadow. Waxing and threading are not recommended for thick facial hair removal, and depilatory cream can easily burn delicate facial skin. This leaves two main options for MAAB trans people with stubborn facial hair issues.

Electrolysis for Trans Women
Electrolysis is heralded as the primary method for permanent facial hair removal. After electrolysis is complete there is no hair regrowth, and no shadow or stubble.
However, electrolysis does take a long time.
How long does facial hair electrolysis take for a transsexual woman? 1 to 4 years is the norm, with the average falling somewhere around 2 years.
Electrolysis is also expensive. Expect to pay around $70 an hour, with one 30 minute to 2 hour session a week in the initial months. Toward the end of treatment the sessions will be less frequent, 1 or 2 a month to finish up the hair removal process.
Electrolysis can cost anywhere from $25 to $150 per hour, depending on the practitioner.

Laser Hair Removal for Trans Women
Laser hair removal is cheaper and less painful than electrolysis, and takes less time for significant results. Rather than treating the face hair by hair, a laser is used to "zap" multiple hair roots at once. This makes the process quicker.
The drawback, however, is the fact that laser hair removal is less thorough and permanent than electrolysis. Because the process works by targeting the pigment in the hair follicle, light or pale hairs may be missed. Some have suggested that laser offers permanent hair reduction, while electrolysis offers hair removal. For women with dark skin or pale hair, laser may not be worth it.

Another option, especially for women with dark hair and pale skin, may be initial laser treatments with electrolysis follow-up. The initial laser treatment thins out the bulk of their hair and should make things manageable with shaving and reduce stubble and shadow, while electrolysis targets the stragglers and leaves your skin as smooth as most cisgender women's.

Crossdresser and Transvestite Hair Removal
For male crossdressers, transvestites, female impersonators and drag queens who may be looking for less permanent solutions for smooth hairless skin, please see my sections on male hair removal (face, chest, etc.) for some tips.