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Sugaring is the use of a sticky sugar mixture spread on the skin, which clings to the hair. A strip of fabric is pressed on top and pulled off quickly, taking the hair with it.
Sugaring is similar to waxing in concept, but unlike waxing, the mixture does not typically require heating.
Several sugaring products are available commercially, or you can make your own mixture at home.
Sugaring works on your eyebrows, legs, underarms, bikini area, and pretty much anywhere hair grows.

Firstly, wash the area to be sugared. Use a soap free of moisturizer, as moisturizer will lessen the sticking ability of the mixture.
Dry the area well.
Next, spread a thin layer of sugaring mixture on the area, following the direction of hair growth. If sugaring your eyebrows use a thin layer and apply it carefully, paying attention to shape.
Next, place a strip of fabric over the area and rub it firmly a couple times, again following the hair growth.
Finally, holding your skin taut, grip the end of the fabric strip and quickly pull it off in one clean movement, going against the direction of hair growth. There will be some pain, especially on bigger areas of hair like the legs and arms, or sensitive places like the bikini area.
You can reuse the same strip several times, until it looses its ability to adhere.
After you're all done wash off any remaining sugaring mixture in warm water, and apply something soothing like moisturizer or a cool washcloth if you are experiencing lingering discomfort. Avoid using heavily perfumed lotions or anything that might irritate it further.

Sugaring lasts longer than shaving, but is more painful than that or plucking. It offers a bit less control than plucking, but is quicker.
Commercial sugaring products can range up to $30 for 6oz of product, which admittedly isn't much if you use it on your legs. However, for small areas like eyebrows it should last some time.
Compared to waxing, it does not require heating and the same cloth strip with product may be used several times.
Another benefit to sugaring is that the ingredients are usually non-toxic and natural, so you don't come in contact with any harsh chemicals.
You can even make your own sugaring solution at home, from ingredients you may already have in your kitchen.


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