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Threading is the use of a cotton thread rolled across the skin, which grasps even the finest hairs and removes them as it makes its way.
Threading is an ancient process, but is available in many salons today. It is usually done on facial hair such as the eyebrows and upper lip.
You should start experiencing fine regrowth in about three weeks. Not recommended for beard hair.

Start with a piece of sewing thread about two feet in length.
Tie the ends together to form a loop.
Hook each ends of the loop around your thumb and forefinger.
Twist the thread about ten times. You should now have something which resemble a bow with hands at either end and the wound portion in the middle.
If you spread the fingers of one hand and close the fingers of the other hand slightly, the thread should twist and the wound portion should move back and forth.
To remove hair, place the thread across the area. Quickly open the fingers of one hand and close the fingers of the other. The wound portion should move from side to side, removing hair as it goes.
Practice on a friend, or your own leg until you become used to the process.

Threading is less painful than waxing or sugaring, as the top layer of skin is not removed. Afterwards you may experience a mild redness or puffiness for about an hour. However, as it's a less popular method you may have trouble finding someone who knows how to do it.


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