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This site was designed as a tool for anyone looking to learn more about the different types of hair removal, and how to perform them.


Male Body Hair Removal

Hair removal is becoming a hot topic for many men these days, times are changing and the world of caring about one's appearance and hygene is rapidly opening for people of all genders.

Men face most of the same issues as women with bodily hair removal. How much to remove, where to remove it from, what method to use, and how to avoid negative byproducts such as razor burn and ingrown hairs.
  • Chest
    • You can use most major hair removal methods on your chest, such as shaving, waxing, friction, and depilatory creams. When shaving be sure to use a fresh razor, shaving cream or gel, and be careful to avoid your nipples. Shaving your chest has the drawback that itchy stubble will appear fairly quickly.

  • Back
    • Removing hair from your back at home is difficult without assistance, for obvious reasons. Professional waxing is a recommended option. If you have an assistant and want to try shaving at home, make sure they don't press down too hard. You can also use friction or depilatory cream safetly here.

  • Pubic Area
    • After a hot shower use a shaving cream or gel designed for sensitive areas and shave with the direction of hair growth with a fresh, clean razor. As your skin becomes accustomed to shaving you can shave closer and closer. For the testicles hold the skin taut and shave gently.

  • Butt
    • You can get it professionally waxed, or shave at home. If shaving at home be very careful, use a sharp razor and a mirror. Squat in the tub to get in the crack. Depilatory creams can work on the cheeks but are not safe for the genital region.

  • Arms & Legs
    • Use shaving cream, and shave gently against the grain with a sharp razor. You can also try waxing or sugaring these areas yourself at home, or trying another method such as friction or depilatory cream.


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