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Shaving Tips

When I was younger, shaving my legs was a tedious, uncomfortable process that more often than not only ended up in irritated painful skin, and it seemed all too soon that stubble would show up and I'd have to repeat the whole process.
Little did I know that shaving your legs does not have to be that way. Shaving your legs can actually be a relaxing, pleasant part of your day - that is, if you do it right.
  • Shave after a hot shower. This is good for a couple reasons. First of all, if your skin is clean it will be less likely to become infected. Second, hair that is saturated in hot water is actually softer and easier to cut. Meaning less wear and tear on your razor, and a quicker, closer shave.
  • Use shaving cream. This will help keep the hair moist, provide lubrication for your razor, and also it will hold the hairs upright so they are more accessable to your razor. Soap can dry your skin or actually make your razor 'stick,' a good shaving cream designed for your specific area is preferable.
  • Use light, gentle strokes. My main mistake was putting too much pressure on my razor as I shaved. Not only is this completely unnecessery for a good shave, but it actually makes you more likely to develop ingrown hairs, razor burn, or cut yourself. When you shave you should actually be applying very little pressure. Let the sharpness of the blade do the work, not your arm.
  • Buy a decent razor. Replacable cartridge razors are preferable to disposables. If you do have to use a disposable razor, use a fresh sharp one. The duller it is, the more likely you are to cut yourself.
  • Shave in the evening. When you shave, it removes dead skin cells and a thin layer of the epidermis. This is good exfoliation, but it can leave your skin sensitive and exposed. Particularly you want to avoid swimming in the ocean soon after shaving your legs, as the salt can be quite painful to your skin.


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