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Male Chest Hair Removal

The chest is possibly the most common area for men to remove hair from.
Because it is a relatively flat and accessable area, many options are available when it comes to hair removal.

Waxing or sugaring are probably the best options overall, as they last the longest and leave the least stubble for the price.
You can get waxing done professionally, or do it yourself at home. Home waxing or sugaring kits are available, or you can make your own sugaring solution. (recipe here)

How to Wax your Chest
First, prepare the wax according to supplied directions.
Next, apply a bit of wax to your skin about 4 or 5 inches wide, following the direction of hair growth.
Then press the cloth strip on top of it and stroke it firmly two or three times.
Hold the skin taut and take one end of the cloth strip and pull it back quickly, against the direction of hair growth.
Pressing on the area with your hand quickly afterwards can help with any discomfort.


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