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Male Facial Hair Removal

Most men have shaved their faces at some point in their lives. But how much thought does the average man put into it? Lots of guys have the unfortunate habit of quickly scraping a disposable razor across their faces in the morning and running out the door.
However, this can lead to problems such as cuts, razor burn, and ingrown hairs.

Guys, be kind to your faces. Buy a replaceable cartridge razor, or better yet get a classic double-edged safety razor, a badger hair shaving brush, and some glycerin based English shaving cream.
If you're resigned to a fate of irritation and burning skin with every shave, this method of shaving will be a godsend.

A good double-edged razor costs upwards of $26. Keep in mind this is a serious non-disposable razor, not a plastic drugstore razor. Shaving brushes are upwards of $8, and $25 for some of the best shaving cream on the market which will give you many uses. I guarantee you with these simple supplies, razor burn and painful irritated skin will be a thing of the past.

Once you have these supplies, here's how you use them.
After a nice hot shower, place your brush in the sink and let it fill with hot water. Keep your face as wet as possible with hot water throughout the entire process.
Next take your brush and hold it upside down until water stops pouring out of it, then swirl the tips of the brush in your tub of shaving cream until you have a nice layer of lather.
Brush this onto your face in an up and down circular motion, then set your brush on it's handle.
Take your razor and shave downwards with the direction of hair growth.
Keep in mind that a double-edged razor is a different beast from an old disposable razor, and you'll need to go much slowly and pay attention to what you're doing. That's OK, that's how it should be.
Once you're done rinse your face off using cool water, and rinse your brush off and shake it dry. Store your brush sitting on it's handle, not on it's side. This will let it dry properly and keep it in good condition.
Afterwards pat your face dry with a clean towel and finish with a soothing aftershave, nothing stingy and full of alcohol.

All that being said, there are other options for men looking to remove hair from their faces.
Electrolysis and laser both work, though they are costly and take many treatments.

Unfortunately most alternate forms of hair removal are not typically recommended for men.
Mainly there hasn't been much research into the area I think.


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